Tuesday, September 25, 2012

AZKALS scores a win without Younghusbands

The Younghusbands are not in the AZKALS line up for the Peace cup.

James and Phil Younghusband will not play in the Philippine Football Peace Cup and the reasons are not yet clear. They are willing to play but their Coach told them a day before the game that they are not included in the line up.

The game started yesterday, 4 teams are included in the Peace Cup, Japan, Macau, Guam and the house country Philippines.

Even if the two main players of the team is out, the AZKALS scores a win against Guam. Patrick Reichelt scores a goal in the 81st minute of the game. Since the game started, AZKALS are aggressive to make a goal but the Guam defense is tough and they always loss a chance. A loose ball and a kick to pass the goal keeper gave them 1-0 lead.

The tournament will be up to Saturday and tomorrow the team will go up against Macau.