Friday, March 16, 2012

AZKALS will play for 3rd place in the AFC Cup 2012

Phil Younghusband and the whole AZKALS team tries to maintain the 1 point lead against Turkmenistan but fail to hold on.

After Phil's goal in the 25 minute mark of the AFC Cup, AZKALS was able to keep their defense most of the game. Neil Etheridge made stops to prevent a goal from Turk, but after a fall during a defensive stop, he wasn't able to block two more goals made by Turkmenistan in the last 12 minutes of the game.

During the 80 minute mark, a Turkmenistan player made a goal and in the 86 minute they made another goal to win the game.

Designated goalkeeper, Neil Ethedridge got a red card after a foul committed before the final minutes of the game. 

AZKALS will play for third place this Monday, Mar.19, they still have to wait for the outcome of the Korea DPR-Palestine game.